SoulSeed LLC began as SoulSeed Tees, a black pride t-shirt company.  In addition to being a black owned t-shirt brand we now offer other  products to promote black excellence and black pride. As a result, we say, ” by any means necessary” because if  an image on a pillow, black pride t-shirt or mug  moves you to investigate your black history then that’s dope. Most  importantly if anything from our brand helps you to have a little more black pride about yourself and the culture that’s just beautiful. Most troubles that people have stem from their low self-esteem and beside that collectively as a group our self esteem has been under constant assault and attack  for hundreds of years.  Therefore, it’s  important that black people feel good about who we are as this helps us to manage life better and to make better decisions.   Most importantly, if we feel good about who we are we can also discover our fullest potential. So, if this is done by wearing black pride t-shirts,  black history t-shirts and  thru other products then our intention will have been met.


Jill Scott wearing “Definition of a Black Woman”  w/ D.L. Hughley

Jessica Reedy wearing “For Colored Girls”

Marvin Sapp w/exclusive Obama Inaugural shirt
From boys to Kings
HBCU’s love SoulSeed Tees
We promote Black Love
We honor the Black Woman
G’s Up
We promote self love
We love confident children
The tribe is strong
We love black men
Black Girls are magical
We love family
We looooove the children
The tribe is strong
It’s a family affair
Beauty & brains…come through black woman
We love the children
The tribe is strong
Black Boy Joy
The tribe is strong…and beautiful
We’re raising Kings