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Building Cultural Power Blog Post

Living in a society that seeks to strip our humanity with the constant replay of black lives that don't matter is exhausting. It makes us numb and that's dangerous because when you're numb you don't feel anything. When we stop feeling we start accepting and we stop fighting because it all seems like such a hopeless pursuit. 

We mustn't stop fighting though, because no one else has a vested interest in our lives like the ones that's living the experience. In order to show up to the battle strong we must remove the things that make us weak. Continuing to watch the killings psychologically destroys our self esteem, individually and collectively. Going into that sunken depressed place each time is destructive. Rather, we should use it as fuel to the fire that has already been ignited. 

I said this before and I will say it again because I truly know that the veil of racism has been lifted to incite unity amongst the people. Unify first with your whole self. What do I mean? Take care of your whole self (mind, body and soul). Then you can properly unify with others. A lot of us are not well with our whole selves and because of that only cause confusion trying to unify with others. 

SoulSeed Apparel's tagline is live the legacy and our intention is to get into your heart and mind to help build back up that cultural power that the collective is lacking. So, while we're doing that we're going to leave you with a few tips on building your cultural power back up:

  • Take social media breaks and follow people that lift you up
  • Stop watching, sharing and discussing the killings/beatings
  • Work on your whole self 
  • Read and surround yourself with great examples of the human spirit
  • Stop saying stuff like, "I can't breathe" (especially with Covid-19)
  • Know that you are connected to an omniscient and omnipresent source that wants the best for you....tap tap tap in 
  • Be mad, angry and afraid and then release it


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