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Black Women She-roes

I watch in awe the magnificence that is woman, as if I was not born with the same magnitude of power. I watch videos to study this "thing" that sets women like Queen Hatshepsut, Yaa Asantewa, Queen Nzingha, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Bessie Coleman, Shirley Chisholm and etc. apart from the masses.

I have concluded that this thing is more like a gumbo soup with succulent spices of confidence, spiritual fortitude and big chunks of courage. I read that Queen Hatshepsut's confidence came from her  knowing her lineage. She came from a long line of dynamic women. That's why I share their stories, I want it to spark something in y'all the way it sparked a remembrance in me. 

Personally I have actually witnessed my own confidence soar through these womens stories. Throughout my travels promoting SoulSeed I have not had to maneuver through "white spaces" because my main target looks like me. So, I go where they're at. Everything is for our growth let me tell you.

Fast forward to today where I set up shop at a mall which has a good mixture of different races that come through. Some white people support and admire SoulSeed but,  them other ones I watch them stop in their tracks as if their privilege is being assaulted. I've learned that black people being proud and loving themselves offends racist white people and their favorite thing to retort is racism. I said all of that to say SoulSeed will never dim our light to make racist people comfortable and that confidence comes from all the women above that I named and then some. That's why reading was against the law once upon a time...they didn't want us getting any grand notions that we are enough, we are capable, we are courageous, we are beautiful and that we are powerful. 

 Women's History Month reminds me of how my life has been changed through these stories personally and professionally. I just want to do for others what these great ancestors have done for me.  

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