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Queen Hatshepsut Backpack | Black History Month Backpacks

Queen Hatshepsut Backpack

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With Queen Hatshepsut on your back how you gonna question your capabilities? She defied the impossible by ruling as pharoah. You are just as powerful!

Who was she?

Queen Hatshepsut:

For Hatshepsut was, in fact one of the most brilliant minds that ever ascended the throne of a nation. Her reign was in two parts, one as regent and the other as reigning queen in her own right. There was actually was actually no difference, for Thutmose III was too young to count.

Even before becoming the legal ruler , therefore she was actively pushing the things dearest to the hearts of all great African leaders: the expansion of foreign trade, international diplomatic relations, perfection of national defenses, vast public building programs, securing the South and the North through either peace or war and, one of her "pet projects, "building a great navy for both commerce and war. Her success on most of these fronts made her one of the giants of the race.

Consequently, when he finally became King Thutmose III at last, he himself did what Asians and Europeans were to do on a scale so grand.....he undertook to erase her name from all the monuments and temples she had built, destroying all documents bearing her name, and smashing all sculptured likenesses, paintings and indeed anything that might indicate that Hatshepsut ever lived. Also, as later Europeans and Asians were to do to all the inscriptions reflecting the Blacks, Thutmose III had his own name and that of his brother engraved where Hatshepsut's had been chiseled out, thus taking credit for all of her achievements in addition to his own outstanding works. ~ Chancellor Williams

(15.5 Oz.Made from smooth and soft nylon material.)

  • *Lightweight and waterproof. Simple and fashionable backpack for outdoor traveling.
  • *Black stitch lines on the surface of backpacks.
  • *Perfect for holding a laptop and many books.
  • *Padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort and easy carrying.