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About the Brand

SoulSeed is a movement birthed over 10 years ago thru which products are used to promote Black Excellence by helping to build the self-esteem of a people that have been made to feel inferior by American society.

Before the Master appears to the student he/she must be ready and the Master appeared to me as a young adult. I was taught things that I had never heard before and things that could actually be proven historically and scientifically about who I was and who my people were.

Every since then I have walked with a confidence from knowing that we are Great people at our best. This walk requires that my chin stay up and chest stay out as I navigate this society, this walk requires me to have pride in my own and know my place in society as a magnificent soul being.

So, I reasoned with myself that if someone could do that for me and change my life in such a profound way then I could do the same thing for others through cultural  inclusion, education and dope products.

~ Akim