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Campus Ambassadors

SoulSeed Apparel is always looking for the dopest brand ambassadors to represent Black excellence in every way imaginable.  The brand tagline is... "we promote black excellence by any means necessary!" My daughter would shake her head at me for saying this, but we "walk it like we talk it" around here and we need some young, fresh and motivated students to walk with us.

Well, what's in it for me?

  • Becoming a Brand Ambassador is an opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally by making a commitment to something meaningful and great
  • You will get praise and recognition when you are featured on our website/social media platforms
  • You will get free products based on the goals met for the Brand Ambassador campaign, 1-3 per month
  • Receive a SoulFood Gift Box
  • 3 Month Black Excellence challenge, you must deliver results on something that will propel you more into your greatness
  • 25% OFF your purchases as an ambassador
  • 15% OFF coupon code for friends/family

What are the qualifications?

  • You must have strong engagement on at least one of your social media channels (the number of followers don't always equate to strong engagement).
  • On average the ratio of followers to followers that engage should be 1% or more (Ex. You have 5,000 followers on Instagram,  on average 1% of 5,000 which is 50 should be engaged by liking, sharing or commenting). So, it's more about the engagement than the big numbers.

If your social media accounts are private we will be requesting access to see if you are the right candidate to become a Campus Brand Ambassador. Fill out the form here to apply for the positions