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Black History Puzzle -  African American Puzzle - African Trailblazers

Black History Puzzle - African American Puzzle - African Trailblazers

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Novelty Black History Puzzle created exclusively by SoulSeed LLC. The 250 piece African Trailblazers puzzle is of great quality and makes a great one of a kind gift to any Black History enthusiast. There is a limited supply and this item may not re-stock or be available once sold out.

14 X 19 inches when put together

(L-R top to bottom)

1.Zora Neale Hurston
2. Fela Kuti
3. Fannie Lou Hamer
4. Harriet Tubman
5. Queen Tiye
6. Nipsey Hussle
7. Mansa Muza
8. James Baldwin
9. Kwame Nkrumah
10. Shirley Chisholm
11. Stokely Carmichael
12.Tupac Shakur
13. Sojourner Truth
14. Toni Morrison
15. Imhotep
16. Queen Nzhinga
17. Steve Biko
18. Patrice Lamumba
19. Malcolm X
20. John Henrik Clarke
21. Bob Marley
22. Ida B. Wells
23. Nina Simone
24. Chadwick Boseman
25. Michelle Obama
26. Barack Obama
27. Marcus Garvey
28. Nelson Mandela
29. Martin Luther King Jr.
30. Muhammad Ali
31. Dr. Shirley Jackson
32. Yaa Asantewa