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Kente Cloth Shoes | Kente Cloth Sneakers| SoulSeed Apparel
Kente Cloth Tennis shoes | African Fashion | SoulSeed Apparel

Kente Cloth Sneakers

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(Available in kids, women and men  In drop down menu above. Custom orders are ordered when they are purchased, allow 3-4 weeks)

The main symbols on kente cloth:

  • square – represents the earth and cosmos, feminity, fertility, and life. It is also a symbol of the Akan matrilineal society;
  • triangle – symbolizes life (birth, existence, and death);
  • diamond – worn by royalty to show their dual, linked roles as human and chief / man and king;
  • circle – represents eternity/infinity (no beginning and no end) of royal power and lineage;
  • cross – symbolizes the spirit and breath of life;
  • zigzag – means that life does not follow a straight path;
  • golden stool – symbol of power.


 34.64 - 35.5 Oz. Designed for fashion kids, women and men
• High ankle with lace up design using high quality canvas material.
• Durable rubber out-sole, tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear.
• Soft inner lining and lightweight, move comfortably.
• Lace-up, metal eyelets.
• Full canvas upper, round toe, easy to wash.

Low- Tops:

• 17.86 - 33.57 Oz. Designed for fashion kids, women and men
• Lace-up closure, canvas upper, offers an adjustable fit and durability.
• Durable rubber out-sole, tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear.
• Canvas insole, round toe, and lightweight.