Queen Tiye Pillow

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Known as The lady of 2 lands, Great Kings wife, Sweet of love, his beloved, etc.
Her husband (Amenhotep III) was so captivated by her beauty and wisdom that he defied customs and made her regal spouse although she was not of royal lineage. Her position was elder stateswoman, she was good at negotiating on her husbands behalf. Her counsel was relied upon heavily by her husband in national military and political matters. He fiercely admired her and displayed his love lavishly by building temples and massive statues where she sat as his equal. According to letters found she was very influential in the royal family and she acquired great wealth separate from the royal house. When her husband’s death deteriorated he allowed her to make all political decisions and she was also royal advisor to their son, Akenaton. Her body was discovered in 1898 and in 2010 DNA analysis identified “the elder lady” as Queen Tiye. Her mummy is now in Egyptian museum. She is real.


Pillow Insert:

Removable pillow Inserts are soft, supportive and hypo-allergenic. They are made with 100% polyester fiber with no added chemicals or flame retardants and have a non-woven polypropylene cover. They are the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to refresh multiple rooms in your home. They work great as extra support and comfort along the back of window seats and reading nooks, as throw pillows in your living room, bedroom or child’s room. Use them to spruce up couches and sectionals or quickly update the look of your bedroom. When using different prints it’s best to add some solids for a balanced look. Also try mixing different textures together.

Pillow Case: (18 X18)

• 4.94 Oz. Made of 50% cotton / 50% polyester material, soft and comfortable texture.
• With pre-shrunk fabric, machine washable at 60℃.
• Zippered opening style.
• Both functional and decorative.

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