Maasai Warrior Pillows


The warrior is of great importance as a source of pride in the Maasai culture. To be a Maasai is to be born into one of the world’s last great warrior cultures. From boyhood to adulthood, young Maasai boys begin to learn the responsibilities of being a man (helder) and a warrior. The role of a warrior is to protect their animals from human and animal predators, to build kraals (Maasai homes) and to provide security to their families.

Through rituals and ceremonies, including circumcision, Maasai boys are guided and mentored by their fathers and other elders on how to become a warrior. Although they still live their carefree lives as boys – raiding cattle, chasing young girls, and game hunting – a Maasai boy must also learn all of the cultural practices, customary laws and responsibilities he’ll require as an elder.

An elaborate ceremony – Eunoto – is usually performed to “graduate” the young man from their moran and carefree lifestyle to that of a warrior. Beginning life as a warrior means a young man can now settle down and start a family, acquire cattle and become a responsible elder. In his late years, the middle-aged warrior will be elevated to a senior and more responsible elder during the Olng’eshere ceremony.



Pillow Insert:

Removable pillow Inserts are soft, supportive and hypo-allergenic. They are made with 100% polyester fiber with no added chemicals or flame retardants and have a non-woven polypropylene cover. They are the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to refresh multiple rooms in your home. They work great as extra support and comfort along the back of window seats and reading nooks, as throw pillows in your living room, bedroom or child’s room. Use them to spruce up couches and sectionals or quickly update the look of your bedroom. When using different prints it’s best to add some solids for a balanced look. Also try mixing different textures together.

Pillow Case: (18 X18)

• 4.94 Oz. Made of 50% cotton / 50% polyester material, soft and comfortable texture.
• With pre-shrunk fabric, machine washable at 60℃.
• Zippered opening style.
• Both functional and decorative.

Additional information

Weight 0.41 oz

1 Black & Orange, 2 Black & Orange, 1 Multi Colored, 2 Multi Colored Pair


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This royal woman was so righteous within herself that she is the only known queen to be exalted to Goddess status. It was said that she was first a priestess and a goddess within herself before she was any of those things to anyone else....