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Queen Tiye Backpack | Soulseed Apparel

Queen Tiye backpack

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With Nubian Queen Tiye on your back why question your intelligence? Her advise was entrusted to rule a nation. You are just as intelligent!

Who was she?

Queen Tiye: 

Known as The lady of 2 lands, Great Kings wife, Sweet of love, his beloved, etc.
Her husband (Amenhotep III) was so captivated by her beauty and wisdom that he defied customs and made her regal spouse although she was not of royal lineage. Her position was elder stateswoman, she was good at negotiating on her husbands behalf. Her counsel was relied upon heavily by her husband in national military and political matters. He fiercely admired her and displayed his love lavishly by building temples and massive statues where she sat as his equal. According to letters found she was very influential in the royal family and she acquired great wealth separate from the royal house. When her husband's death deteriorated he allowed her to make all political decisions and she was also royal advisor to their son, Akenaton. Her body was discovered in 1898 and in 2010 DNA analysis identified "the elder lady" as Queen Tiye. Her mummy is now in Egyptian museum. She is real.

(15.5 Oz.Made from smooth and soft nylon material.)

  • *Lightweight and waterproof. Simple and fashionable backpack for outdoor traveling.
  • *Black stitch lines on the surface of backpacks.
  • *Perfect for holding a laptop and many books.
  • *Padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort and easy carrying.