Promoting Black Excellence by any means necessary

Black excellence is my own personal path, yet when I was a little girl I had every reason to hate myself.  I was taunted in school because of my dark skin and there was no one around that helped me to affirm that my black was beautiful or to help me understand why I was dealing with so much at such a young age. So, growing up in a fatherless household and dealing with a parent with mental health issues I began searching…I knew there had to be more to life than this.  I started with my name which means wise and then people and information just started showing up in my life to show me even more reasons why I should love myself as a woman of African descent.

I found it most peculiar that it would be a Black Man (Dr. Malachi Z York) that would ultimately help me to see myself as  a proud and beautiful African woman.  I embraced my natural hair and my melaninated enriched skin tone. Since that rebirth I have never wanted to be anything other than who I came here as….body and soul.

So, I reasoned in my own mind that if someone could do that for me I could also do that for others. I have a great passion for helping my people to have healthy perceptions of themselves, maybe that’s why I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Wellness. Yet, what I know for sure is that we can’t be healthy with self hatred festering up inside of us. It started with t-shirts, but it has evolved into a movement that promotes black excellence by any means necessary.

Melaninated people in America and abroad have been the salt of the earth.  We are the creators and our ingenuity is responsible for civilization as we know it.  Yet, through centuries of abuse, dehumanization and torment we have forgotten who we are.

SoulSeed is here to remind Black people that we must know who we are in this life and we must celebrate that. This is important because when we know who we are we move totally different…not as victims,  but as powerful forces of nature.

We do this for the culture, by living the legacy of the great ancestors that were motivated to fight and take a stand for what is our birthright, life and the pursuit of happiness. As our ancestors wildest dreams we as their children continue to be the soul of civilization by setting trends, breaking barriers, taking a stand against racism, and creating a culture that is all our own.


~ Akim